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The Canadian Inherited Metabolic Diseases Research Network (CIMDRN) has a vision to improve evidence-informed health care for children with rare diseases – starting with inborn errors of metabolism (IEM). CIMDRN is comprised of multidisciplinary working groups that draw from the expertise of investigator, external advisory board, staff and trainee members from across Canada and beyond.


Comprised of researchers and clinicians who bring expertise in clinical care for patients with IEM, pediatric research, health services and policy research, and epidemiology.

External Advisory Board Members

Comprised of Canadians who represent knowledge user groups that will be able to use or benefit from the findings of the CIMDRN’s research and who bring expertise from different but related fields of research and/or from outside Canada.

Research Staff and Trainees

Comprised of a support staff, graduate and undergraduate students, residents, and fellows who support the work of the CIMDRN.


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