A multidisciplinary group of approximately 40 investigators from across Canada – including health policy researchers, clinical evaluative scientists and metabolic clinicians – have gathered to form CIMDRN. CIMDRN is also supported by an external advisory board, research staff and trainees.

CIMDRN Investigators

Other CIMDRN Members

Research Staff & Trainees

Zobaida Al-Baldawi, Andrea Chow, Alana Fairfax, Ryan Iverson, Alessia Kazakova, Mike Kowalski, Monica Lamoureux, Karen Paik, Michael Pugliese, Alvi Rahman, Laure Tessier, Kylie Tingley, Vinolia Arthur-Hayward, Caroline Barr, Erika Bloomfield, Lee-Ann Carroll, Samantha Colaiacovo, Eileen Druken, Gloria Ho, Natalie Henderson, Shelly Jelinski, Geneviève Lafrance, Connie Mohan, Melanie Napier, Stephen Nyase, Francois Plourde, Lucia Ruhland, Krista Rideout,Catherine Rombough, Katherine Schellevis, Duncan Westwood, Karin Wallace, Ashley Wilson, Nataliya Yuskiv.

External Advisory Board

Darren Bidulka, Tim Caulfield, Joseph Clarke, Khaled El Emam, Jane Evans, Alex Kemper, Wilma McCormack, Anne Stephenson.


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